Commit 3407d4ec authored by Guillaume Lebigot's avatar Guillaume Lebigot

Retrait du check conditionnel pour simplifier le code en fait.

parent 693955a0
...@@ -13,12 +13,9 @@ export async function checkBinaries(config) { ...@@ -13,12 +13,9 @@ export async function checkBinaries(config) {
let requiredBinariesChecks = [ let requiredBinariesChecks = [
asyncRequired(binariesPath.BinffmpegPath), asyncRequired(binariesPath.BinffmpegPath),
asyncRequired(binariesPath.BinffprobePath) asyncRequired(binariesPath.BinffprobePath),
]; ];
// We won't check for mpv in case we're generating the database only
// This will make our CI tests faster
if (!config.optGenerateDB) requiredBinariesChecks.push(asyncRequired(binariesPath.BinmpvPath));
try { try {
await Promise.all(requiredBinariesChecks); await Promise.all(requiredBinariesChecks);
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