Commit 3df93f75 authored by Guillaume Lebigot's avatar Guillaume Lebigot

Fix kara editing when you add/remove franchise from series

parent 434709ba
......@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ export async function updateSerieTags(sid: string, tags: TagAndType[]) {
await db().query(sql.deleteTagsBySerie, [sid]);
for (const tag of tags) {
await db().query(yesql(sql.insertSerieTags)({
kid: sid,
sid: sid,
tid: tag.tid,
type: tag.type
Subproject commit 0acfbf9b85af5d48c0365d4ae696eefb443f8c2d
Subproject commit c60232a1ed4c736ef47dd2bfe847d90f7764555b
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