Ichika Idolâtrice

This is this changelog from 2.3.0-rc1. Changes from rc1 to finale are highlighted in bold.

Shiny new Features(tm)

  • #118 Karaoke Mugen can generate .kara files for you if you fill out a form in the control panel, making it much easier to create karaoke files for the Karaoke Mugen base.
  • #325 There is now a link to help users suggest a series they think should be in the Karaoke Mugen database
  • #340 In addition of the usual view and favorites view, users can get a new "Most recent songs" view with the last 200 songs added in the database (ordered by creation date)
  • #120 Users can now navigate through the song list by tags (language, singer, etc.) year, and series.
  • #305 A smarter shuffle is available for those with big playlists.
    • It should spread long and short songs to avoid too many long songs following each other
    • Songs added by one user won't be following each other and will be spread through the playlist
  • #334 The series database can be managed from the control panel. This updates the series.json file
  • #324 Karaoke operators can now free songs manually
  • #153 A "more information" link has been added to songs' info panel. It allows you to get more information on a particular series or singer.
  • #152 You can add a song multiple times in the current playlist now (optional)


  • #336 The web interface will fade to black and display a message when Karaoke Mugen isn't running anymore
  • #330 Buttons have been normalized throughout the web interface
  • #322 Many optimizations have been made through the code, making it also simpler to read.
  • #321 The temp folder is cleaned at startup.
  • #320 Users' login time is not updated in real time anymore to avoid stressing out the database
  • The userdata.sqlite3 file is backuped before a new generation is made.
  • #139 PIP Slider in web interface now has percentage values displayed
  • "Update from Shelter" button now returns a message immediately inviting you to check the console for progress
  • "Connection lost" message now displays a cool noise effect
  • Database is now more optimized and should make actions involving playlists faster


  • #326 Songs cannot be added anymore if they are present in the blacklist
  • #317 Catching SQLITE_BUSY error messages from background jobs during database maintenance mode
  • Engine asks if player is ready before issuing any commands.
  • #328 Progress bar during updates should scale properly to the window and not display "Infinity" anymore
  • Filter panel on karaoke list now displays properly on Safari iOS
  • Config file should not be overwritten anymore (hopefully)
  • Fixed updating series and displaying karaoke lists and tags in control panel
  • Fixed the "Stop after current song" button