Juri Judicieuse

New features

  • Configuration can be edited by hand from control panel. Not all configuration items are editable. (#338)
  • Karaoke Mugen is now fully compatible (and even requires) Node 10 (#307)
  • The welcome screen now displays what's new on the karaoke base and site's RSS feeds (#343)
  • Our new logo, designed by @Sedeto, has been added to the welcome screen!


  • Songs can now be freed from the current playlist
  • Progress when generating database or updating base files from the control panel is now displayed on the control panel itself (#348)
  • Generation's progress is now displayed in the console.
  • Public interface is reloaded when the webapp mode (open, restricted or closed) changes. (#357)
  • TAG_VOICELESS has been removed in favor of the language code ZXX which is "No linguistic content" (#366)
  • Special language names (FR, JAP, ANG...) in files is now obsolete in favor of ISO639-2B codes. This is for better consistency. (#365)
  • The series.json file is not used anymore. Instead, series data is read from the new series/ folder with its .series.json files (#364)
  • Series' international names are now searchable in control panel (#362)
  • When two KIDs are in conflict in your karaoke base, Karaoke Mugen will now tell you which ones are causing the conflict (#361)
  • In the karaoke submission form, tags have been replaced by checkboxes for misc tags. (#359)
  • Icons and names have been changed for consistency on the welcome screen (#356)
  • Your data files are now checked on startup to decide if a generation is needed or not. (#354)
  • Series are displayed in a more concise way in case of AMVs. (#350)
  • Karaoke and series lists in control panel are now properly paginated. Page position and searches are remembered when coming back to the list after editing/creating a karaoke (#342)
  • When creating/editing a language, a text box allows to search for a language code.


  • Download problems when updating your base files should be fixed now. Really. (#332)
  • Download groups weren't saved properly in .kara files when saving one from the kara submission form (#367)
  • Fixed hardsub video submission with the control panel's form
  • Fixed adding series without aliases
  • Fixed Smart Shuffle
  • Fixed deleting favorites
  • Fixed editing series not updating i18n data
  • Fixed search field in control panel not registering the last character typed