Konata 4-Koma

This is a bugfix release.


  • You can now force the admin password to be changed (in case you forgot it, or are running a unattended setup) with the --forceAdminPassword <password> flag.


  • Fixed file resolver when using multiple folders for karas, series, medias or lyrics files (c2e5eacf)
  • Fixed mpv auto restart method (3ca3b6c7)
  • Fixed wallpaper not appearing anymore at the end of a song if "stop after current song" has been pressed (7330ed8a)
  • Fixed retrying to play song if loading media failed due to mpv hiccup (7f3da9ba)
  • Web interface will now request english translations from server if your browser is not set to a known locale (61082963)
  • Media files are not weboptimized anymore if you don't modify them in the karaoke edit form (4ee094bc)
  • Catch errors when switching to the next song in a playing playlist (35a86966)
  • Partly fixed edit user form errors (523a7120)