Mitsuha Matinale

v3.1.2 "Mitsuha Matinale" - 12/03/2020


This is a bugfix release


  • Added msvcp120.dll to files checked with other binaries (necessary for Postgresql) (c2492d85)
  • Updated ultrastar2ass to 1.0.11, toyunda2ass to 1.0.12 (0f25eff7, 80375c75)
  • Updated node-mpv-km to 2.0.2 to remove rogue console.log (9b4674a1)
  • Fix playlist medias list creation on startup not happening if no internet is available (9d0aa945)
  • Fix base update errors with songs with no updated media to download (19221c4b)
  • Fix encore/outro message time (cad586e3)
  • Made song integration synchronous again after download to avoid weird behavior near end of download queue (88f68235)