Commit 42d042a8 authored by Yay295's avatar Yay295

small fix

parent a86a9cda
......@@ -2181,24 +2181,24 @@ let SubtitleManager = (function() {
"WrapStyle": renderer.WrapStyle
let text = data.Text;
// Parse alignment and rotation origin overrides here because they apply to the
// entire line and should only appear once, but if they appear more than once,
// only the first instance counts.
let alignment = /{[^}]*?\\(an?)(\d\d?)[^}]*}/.exec(;
let alignment = /{[^}]*?\\(an?)(\d\d?)[^}]*}/.exec(text);
if (alignment) {
let val = parseInt(alignment[2],10);
if (val) = (alignment[1] == "a" ? SSA_ALIGNMENT_MAP[val] : val);
let rot_org = /{[^}]*?\\org([^\\]+)[^}]*}/.exec(;
let rot_org = /{[^}]*?\\org([^\\]+)[^}]*}/.exec(text);
if (rot_org) {
let [x,y] = rot_org[1].split(",").map(parseFloat);
this.line.rotation_origin = {x,y};
this.rotation_origin = {x,y};
let text = data.Text;
// Check if there are line breaks, and replace soft breaks with spaces if they don't apply. Yes, the
// ".*" in the second RegEx is deliberate. Since \q affects the entire line, there should only be one.
// If there are more, the last one is applied.
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