Commit 4e0e161b authored by Yay295's avatar Yay295

better path check in regex

parent d633d2f9
......@@ -2206,9 +2206,9 @@ let SubtitleManager = (function() {
// Affects Text Size: \b, \i, \fax, \fay, \fn, \fs, \fsc, \fscx, \fscy, \fsp, and \r
let reProblem;
if (!! // Also break on \K and \kf in Chromium.
reProblem = /\\(?:i|b|be|blur|[xy]?bord|f(?:a[xy]|n|r[xyz]?|s(?:c[xy]?|p)?)|r|K|kf|[xy]?shad|p(?:[1-9][^\\]*|0\.[0-9]*[1-9]))/;
reProblem = /\\(?:i|b|be|blur|[xy]?bord|f(?:a[xy]|n|r[xyz]?|s(?:c[xy]?|p)?)|r|K|kf|[xy]?shad|p0*(?:\.0*)?[1-9])/;
reProblem = /\\(?:i|b|be|blur|[xy]?bord|f(?:a[xy]|n|r[xyz]?|s(?:c[xy]?|p)?)|r|[xy]?shad|p(?:[1-9][^\\]*|0\.[0-9]*[1-9]))/;
reProblem = /\\(?:i|b|be|blur|[xy]?bord|f(?:a[xy]|n|r[xyz]?|s(?:c[xy]?|p)?)|r|[xy]?shad|p0*(?:\.0*)?[1-9])/;
let reKaraoke = /\\(?:K|k[fo]?)[\d.]+/g;
let changes, hasProblematicOverride = false, firstBlock = true;
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