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Update .gitlab-ci.yml

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# This file is a template, and might need editing before it works on your project.
# Template project:
# Docs:
image: ruby:2.3
JEKYLL_ENV: production
......@@ -18,5 +14,4 @@ deploy:
- apt-get update -qq && apt-get install -y -qq lftp
- lftp -c "set ftp:ssl-allow no; open -u $USERNAME,$PASSWORD $HOST; mirror -Rnev --parallel=10 --exclude docs/ --exclude .well-known --exclude .htaccess --exclude downloads/ --exclude rfm/ --exclude filemanager/ --exclude finder/ --exclude-glob .git* --exclude .git/ --exclude apidoc/ --exclude logs/"
- master
- master
\ No newline at end of file
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